Ad Management

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When They Scroll Make Sure they don't scroll past you

With over 2.8 Billion active monthly users, Facebook is still one of the most powerful forms
of digital marketing. You can reach more people than on T.V, Radio and Newspapers for a
fraction of the cost!
The Facebook Ad platform uses a highly effective targeting system that can identify your
ideal customer with ease. And with such a huge number of users, you can almost guarantee
your target customer is on there; waiting for you to advertise to them.
Target users based on their age, gender, location, and even personal interests!

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We harness your passion and the belief you have in your brand by implementing innovative
digital strategies and creating a unique approach for every single client.

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Know Your

Pinpoint your target audience with ease. You create campaigns that target people based on
their age, gender, location, and even personal interests. This makes Facebook one of the
most powerful marketing tools!

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2.8 Billion Active Monthly Users

Facebook is still the most popular social media app, even in 2021! Get your offer, product,
or service in front of thousands of eyes without having to break the bank.

Why Facebook Ads?

The Two Pillars of Facebook Ads


There are two keys to success when it comes to Facebook Ads. These are: Targeting and Creative. Targeting is important because you want to get your ads in front of the people most likely to buy. For example, if you’re selling Football Training eBook, you want to target people interested in the Premier League or people who support a specific football team. You can do all this inside of the Facebook Ads platform!

Secondly, your Creative is Vital. Your creative is the way your product or service is shown to someone who is scrolling through Facebook. You can run Picture ads, Video ads or Carousel ads. Each has their own benefits, but your ad needs to be as engaging as possible so that you can make the best first impression on the user who sees it. The goal with your ad is to make the user click through to your site. The more intrigued the customer is by your ad, the more likely they are to click through to your website and make a purchase!

Flexible Spending

Facebook allows you to adjust your budget whenever you please. This means you can scale
at whatever pace you wish!


Detailed Targeting

Thanks to the Facebook Pixel (an analytical tool that tracks users’ behaviour on each
website), Facebook has an unbelievable amount of data. And, using this to your advantage,
our Facebook marketer(s) can use their expertise to get your product or service in front of
the right people.